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As an essential business laboring in the industries of national defense, infrastructure, power generation, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food processing, agriculture and more, VIBCO WILL REMAIN OPEN.

VIBCO will continue to manufacture vibration equipment throughout this crisis. As you continue to serve the industries that keep America moving forward, we are honored to assist you. You can be assured that we will be here for you. We ship worldwide, and arrive where we are needed, when we are needed – Same Day/Next Day!

To keep our business running safely, and for health and safety of our staff, we are not allowing visitors to enter our plant. We have also increased cleaning and sanitizing activities and are following the recommended procedures below:

1. Employee temperatures are monitored daily and may not exceed the guidelines of 100.4°,
2. Employees exhibiting respiratory problems and/or coughing are sent home,
3. Employees who feel sick are required to remain at home,
4. Cleaning of all surfaces has been mandated, 
5. Signs requiring social distancing have been posted and workstations comply with the regulation,
6. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing soaps are available as recommended.  

At VIBCO, we practice 6S Sanitize™!



VIBCO continues to ship vibration equipment to the 4 corners of the world, but we need your help. When you place an order, we need to know if/when your state or country places a “Shelter in place” order and a shipment cannot be delivered as planned.

We have been notified by our shipping firms that if a package cannot be delivered, it will be returned to us. This “Double Delivery” fee will be an additional cost for you on top of the cost of the vibration equipment. Please let us know BEFORE AN ITEM IS SHIPPED if you will not be able to accept it due to closures. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.


ATTENTION: If you use other foreign brands of vibrators, VIBCO has units IN STOCK which easily cross over, and mounting holes to work with any application.

VIBCO is very proud to say that we have made a conscious effort, since our founding in 1962, to purchase locally and source from a North American supply chain.

We have deep relationships with our vendors that give us the ability to be mere hours to days away from our next, just-in-time delivery. That is something we value highly. We don't wait for boats. We have materials entering these 4 walls on a daily basis. This strategic core competitive operating style ensures that you will be satisfied with same day next day delivery performance everytime you place an order. VIBCO also carries a large supply of stock vibrators that are ready to go for more complete delivery support.

It is part of VIBCO's strategic plan from our inception in 1962 until now, some 58 years later, to maintain good communications with our choice vendors. For items that may have a longer more global path, we carry a larger quantity than most manufacturing benchmarks suggest. Our strategic goal is to never feel an interruption that will impact our end customer.

VIBCO is also a critical vendor to the defense, medical, pharma, and food industries, as well as railways, roads and highway transportation, to name a few. It is our core duty as one of your key suppliers, to have emergency plans and materials in place to service you through any distress situation that may arise - fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, blizzard, or pandemic. 

You can count on VIBCO to keep America and the world moving forward!